How Much Does a Forklift Operator Make?

A common question asked by people who are interested in driving a Forklift is, how much does a Forklift operator get paid? The short answer is a driver makes $12-$21 and hour if getting paid hourly or $21,757 – $43,778 annually, including all bonuses and benefits, if they are a salaried employee. With the average hourly rate coming in at $15 an hour and experienced drivers averaging close to $20 and hour.

However, these rates can fluctuate greatly by region, state, and city. They pay rates often depend on the local minimum wage laws and other benefits an employer is required to provide. In addition, the intrust and type of truck you drive could have an impact on your pay.

Payscale Data

An often over looked fact is that being a Forklift operator isn’t always the best end game. Meaning, Forklift drivers often take that new skill, use it as a steeping song, and progress in their career. For example, you could move up to a Warehouse Supervisor role or advance into an Operations Manager position. Learning and driving a Forklift is a valuable skill!